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No Flies On Stage Spear Carriers Or Star Turns

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Wednesday January 12, 2005


HIGHLY acclaimed musicals The Secret Garden and Les Miserables topped this year's City of Newcastle Drama Awards nominations, which were announced yesterday.

The Sound Construction Company's The Secret Garden, with 12 nominations, and Newcastle Dramatic Art Club's Les Miserables, with 10, will go head-to-head in the non-professional categories, including best musical production.

Nominations for the 26th CONDAs were released at a colourful media call at Newcastle's Civic Theatre with the help of performers from the production of the puppet show Once upon a Life! and Lord of the Flies.

CONDA organising committee chairman Graeme Black said 55 shows from professional and non-professional companies were eligible for nomination.

"That's a staggering amount and it shows the level of theatre that goes on in Newcastle," Mr Black said.

"The CONDAs have a 26-year history and the shows just keep getting better.

"It's testimony to the depth of talent in the city, from musicals to straight theatre."

CONDA judges Karen Birrell, Sue Leask, Herald drama critic Ken Longworth and Pamela Whalan said the nominations reflected the considerable achievements in Newcastle theatre.

The best musical category includes Opera Hunter's The Marriage of Figaro (five nominations) and the Metropolitan Players' My Fair Lady (four).

Other strong performers in the nominations include Shakespeare et al's The Merry Wives of Windsor (eight nominations), Tantrum Theatre's The Possibilities, eight nominations, and DAPA's There Goes the Bride, with six.

Aunts with Hot Flushes and The Merry Wives of Windsor, both from Shakespeare et al, are vying for best professional production.

The four shows up for best non-professional drama or comedy are The Possibilities, Conservatorium Drama's A Property of the Clan, There Goes the Bride and Newcastle Repertory Club's Under Milk Wood.

The CONDA winners will be announced at the City of Newcastle Drama Awards at the Civic Theatre on February 4.



Best production: Aunts with Hot Flushes, Shakespeare et al; The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare et al.

Actor: Greg McLeod, The Marriage of Figaro (Opera Hunter); Garth Russell, The Merry Wives of Windsor; David Yarrow, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Actress: Sue Carson, The Marriage of Figaro; Jan Hunt, The Merry Wives of Windsor; Karen Lantry, The Merry Wives of Windsor; Kerry O'Hearn, Aunts with Hot Flushes; Kerry O'Hearn, The Merry Wives of Windsor; Kate Sweeny, Inconsolable (Punch Line Projects).

Director: Anne Frost, The Merry Wives of Windsor; Lachlan Philpott and Anthony Svensk, The Possibilities (Tantrum Theatre); Ghillian Sullivan, The Marriage of Figaro.

Technical achievement: Anne Frost, costume design, The Merry Wives of Windsor; David Grinstead, lighting design, Les Miserables (Newcastle Dramatic Art Club); Tim Neve, designer, The Possibilities; John Zeder, lighting design, Spring Awakening (Conservatorium Drama).


Best dramatic production: The Possibilities; A Property of the Clan, Conservatorium Drama; There Goes the Bride, DAPA; Under Milk Wood, Newcastle Repertory Club.

Best musical production: The Marriage of Figaro; Les Miserables; My Fair Lady, Metropolitan Players; The Secret Garden, The Sound Construction Company.

Leading actor in a drama or comedy: Alex Adams, Cavalcade of Comedy: I'm Herbert (Intimate Theatre Company); Lawrence Aitchison, Under Milk Wood; Patrick Campbell, Inconsolable; Lindsay Carr, There Goes the Bride (DAPA); Don Cohen, When We Are Married (Newcastle Repertory Club); David Gubbay, A Murder is Announced (Intimate Theatre Company); Daniel Stoddart, A Property of the Clan.

Leading actress in a drama or comedy: Janet Gillam, The Big Five-O (Newcastle Repertory Club); Frances Johnston, A Property of the Clan ; Kate Lofting, Svetlana in Slingbacks (Conservatorium Drama); Lesly Stevenson, There Goes the Bride; Phoebe Tate, Cavalcade of Comedy: I'm Herbert ; Nola Wallace, The Big Five-O.

Leading actor in a musical: Derek Dowding, Les Miserables; Chris Maxfield, My Fair Lady; Anthony Watts, Little Shop of Horrors (JJK Productions).

Leading actress in a musical: Amelia Besseny, The Secret Garden; Miranda Hayman, The Secret Garden; Bethany Mulley, The Secret Garden; Lisa Pont, Seven Little Australians (Young People's Theatre); Wendy Ratcliffe, Les Miserables; Melinda Smith, My Fair Lady.

Supporting actor: Alan Bodenham, My Fair Lady; Alex Chard, The Possibilities; Stuart Duffield, The Possibilities; Andrew Flanagan, The Golden Goose (Young People's Theatre); Mark Forester, Stags and Hens (The Keyhole Project); Noel Grivas, When We Are Married; Stephen Peacocke, A Property of the Clan ; Joaquin Povea-Gonzales, The Possibilities ; John Radvan, Les Miserables; Daniel Stoddart, Stags and Hens.

Supporting actress: Alicia Botham, Les Miserables; Genevieve Clay, Some Canterbury Tales (Young People's Theatre); Alison Cox, Phantom of the Music Hall (DAPA); Ann Croger, The Secret Garden; Kathryn Dries, The Marriage of Figaro; Jessica Ford, Some Canterbury Tales; Frances Johnston, Stags and Hens; Chloe McKinnon, The Possibilities; Marie Warburton, When We Are Married .

Ensemble acting: Les Miserables; The Possibilities; The Secret Garden; Seven Little Australians; There Goes the Bride.

Director: Dan Flanagan, The Secret Garden; Carolyn Lind, Les Miserables; Adelle Richards, Under Milk Wood; Dawn Richmond, There Goes the Bride.

Achievement in music and movement: The Contemporary Music Group, conductor Gordon Hamilton, The Impossible Body (Conservatorium Drama); Indija Mahjoeddin, choreography, The Ballad of Boldenblee (The Randai Youth Arts Project); The Les Miserables Orchestra, musical director Christine Vidler; Katrina Pring, composer, The Impossible Body ; The Secret Garden Orchestra, musical director Ross Fiddes.

Achievement in costume design and make-up: Jill Fiddes, costume design, The Secret Garden; Erin Garman, Wendy Leis, Viv Jones, costume design, Some Canterbury Tales; Belinda Roals, make-up, Les Miserables; Sandra Roals, costume design, Snoopy (That's All!).

Achievement in set, lighting and sound design: Rodney Essex, set design, There Goes the Bride; Michelle Gordon, set design, Spring Awakening; Melissa Hankinson, Dan Flanagan, Peter Chegwidden, Caroline Hale, stage design The Secret Garden ; Mark Hocking, lighting design, Seven Little Australians ; Stewart McGowan, lighting design, Under Milk Wood; Jim Milliss, set design, The Big Five-O; Philip Paterson, Wendy Leis, sound design, Seven Little Australians; Theresa Sawert, lighting design, The Secret Garden; Peter Thompson, sound design, The Secret Garden.

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